Bright Star Universal Enlightenment Teachings – Connie Bokenfohr

Bright Star Universal Enlightenment Healing Teacher, Practitioner & Komyo Reiki Teacher, Practitioner

Certified Colour Sound Therapist 

Colour & Vibrational Therapist  

Crystal Therapist

8 Phases of the Moon Teacher

Have you ever felt like you didn’t belong?  Lost in a sea of people who seem to have their lives together, have you felt adrift and alone?  It was these feelings that led Connie on a journey of self-discovery and healing.  Through healing sessions, with tears and triumphs, Connie has come to realize she was never alone, never adrift, always whole and perfect.  In this knowing, Connie comes to her clients with presence and wisdom.

Heart intelligence, years of training, and a unique combination of healing modalities come together in the healing hands of Connie Bokenfohr.  Allowing clients their individual experience of healing, Connie uses colour, sound, crystals, and Komyo Reiki to open the doors to optimum clarity and wholeness.

As healer, Connie gets out of the way and lets her clients move through their healing journeys.  Offering spiritual guidance and wisdom along the way, clients are encouraged to embrace integrity and synergy as paths to wholeness.  In Connie’s words:  “I’ll extend the ladder to you, jump on and embrace your leap of faith!”

Connie’s own healing journey involved training under a number of teachers, including a Japanese Komyo Reiki teacher, local Komyo Reiki teachers, and a respected colour/sound therapist.

Along with Komyo Reiki, colour, sound, and crystals compliment to provide a truly special and individual experience for clients.

Connie commits to helping her clients become consciously aware.  “A balanced YOU.”


Reiki’s Birthplace
Top of Kurama Mt.
April 2015